about coach braeden miller

Here at #MillerElite we believe that all individuals are gifted with the abilities and tools to create a version of ourselves that we once may have only dreamed of. We are here to help you unlock this potential and turn this dream into a reality.

It comes down to decisions we make and a long-term dedication to those decisions. This picture can be painted by choosing to prioritize not one – but all of the following: sleep, exercise, nutrition, and supplementation.

Your best self is not formed at the drop of a dime, but rather a daily commitment to the long-term change. Where you are going is important, but what is more important is focusing on the small items that are necessary – day in and out to get you to the final destination. In layman’s terms don’t forget where you are going, but pay close attention to how to get there.

Motivation is great, but in reality, we are human and motivation comes and goes. Dedication however is what will see us through. On days where motivation is low – dedication keeps us forward moving. Here at #MillerElite we are ALWAYS forward moving.

If you are reading this you have already committed to building your best self, therefore you can expect:

  • Improved overall well being and health
  • Improved performance in and out of the gym
  • Improved day to day life
  • Improved confidence
  • Positive change in your physical appearance
  • Winning…get used to this one!

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