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Learn about Coach Dillon and expectations of the coach and athlete below!

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About Dillon

Dillon was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Raised on a farm just outside of the city he learned the value of a dollar and hard honest work. His story into coaching is a little unique in the sense he was not an all-star athlete growing up, quite the contrary. Dillon know firsthand what it’s like to take control of his health both physically and psychologically 

He spend most of his early years and early adulthood very obese and in a diseased state. At the age of 20 things took a turn for the worse when one day on the job site, he was in a workplace accident falling nearly 5 stories

This resulted in a broken spine (L1 – L5), breaking of both heels, left ankle, and right elbow. Days later after being hospitalized on top of looming fear of never walking again properly with his right leg, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was placed on pharmaceutical intervention. Drs were also pressuring him to get onto anti-diabetic medication before insulin would be needed

Normally we would expect this to be rock bottom but in Dillon’s case, it was only the start. Feeling broken in body and spirit it was easy to rely on antidepressants/pain intervention medications to numb the feelings. 6 months into this process of self wallow he decided to make a change

Knowing not what to do, but what not to do was anything resembling his current lifestyle. He then started to self educate and experiment, losing over 150 lbs and entering into his first physique competition

Over the course of the last decade, he has done extensive education in a variety of subjects such as biomechanics, physiology, pharmacology, and psychology. He also owns the Supplement World in Regina, Saskatchewan, and has a massive passion for providing customers with the best quality products

Education includes many courses, coaches, and mentorships including (Kris Gethin, Cory Gregory, Charles glass, Ben Pakulsi, Kassem Hanson, Joe Bennet, Bryce Bahm, Eugene Teo, Dr. Dwayne Jackson, William Grazione, Justin Mihaly, Braeden Miller, Dr. Scott Stevenson, Sam Miller and many other individual educational courses and seminars

Dillon is passionate about coaching his clients forward, adapting their fitness and mindset over time to hit long-term targets. He will use his education to help forge a new future for anyone he serves

Investing in Dillon is investing in the future. He is going to take a holistic approach to your health, muscle building, and fat loss transformations. He is very excited to build his expertise in contest preparation alongside learning from coach Braeden Miller

Expectations of the Athletes

In this section I want you to write what the person should expect from you. Ie. Coach [Name] will respond to your check-ins within 3 hours, Coach [Name] will provide consistent feedback etc. Write out 5 expectations of what the client will expect of you

Honest Communication – This is key to excel any relationship and this is no different. Dillon thrives on those who give him the most to work with. He likes to look for pattern recognition as a tool in a client’s journey to success. Being upfront about any aspect that affects the journey helps optimize the clarity of the map he will build to get you there

Open to bargain with the present – Having coached for some time one thing Dillon says is a common culprit in many folks being able to only “rent” results vs “owning” them is the inability to bargain with the present. Many are so quick to sacrifice the future for instant gratification in the present. Dillon will teach you how to win in the long term so you can own the results from your investment long after he is gone

Having an open mind – Dillon likes to focus on the psyche conditioning as a metric of progression into client journeys. Having had a unique walk through his own journey Dillon understands that most of the time a client isn’t getting to their goals because of issues neck up, not neck down. Coming with an open mind, and letting the call to adventure carry you forward 

Elite Effort – Dillon views this as a prerequisite. Giving your best effort in spite of your situations daily is what will make this investment fruitful for coach and client alike. He will take a unique approach to your journey as he works with clients from all walks of life and skill levels. The bottom line is you will be pushed into the unknown to find your greatness

Being coachable – Piggybacking off coming with an open mind, being coachable is going to aid in the results process to a large degree. Dillon has collected a variety of tools which sometimes means “new” strategies for the client. Trust in the map we build together and embrace new challenges with open arms. Do this and your well on your way to a new you

Nutrition Plans

  •  Meal plan and or macro-based diet with adjustments based on goals/needs
  •  Digestion +  health optimization (autoimmune, bacterial, parasitic, sibo, RA, HASHI, etc)
  •  Guide incoming off lifestyle pharmaceuticals (BG, BP, cholesterol, SSRI + more, etc)
  •  Supplementation programming depending on goals etc

Vitamin Protocol

  • Training program (phasing as needed)
  • Biomechanics feedback/optimization
  • Psyche conditioning
  • Weekly check-ins- unlimited access to me for psychological support

Additional information

Program Time

Monthly, 3 Months, 4 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months