Coaching Questions

We are always available to you. Whether that is to answer questions you may have regarding your plan, watch weekly training videos sent over via WhatsApp etc. you can send us a message and expect to never be left on “ read” without being responded to. We are professionals with a job to do and that sole job is being there to guide you on this journey, be it to the stage or to lose unwanted bodyfat etc. Communication will always be direct and thorough as well as respectful. With this being said, Sunday ’ s are reserved for time with family. We respectfully ask that you take this into consideration and if any matters arise that are not urgent you hold off and reach out on Monday. Of course, if you are in desperate need of something, or an emergency unfolds, we will ALWAYS pick up the phone for our athletes.

In the world of Nutrition, Training, and ultimately bodybuilding as a whole – research is ever evolving. As coaches it is our duty to continually learn and evolve and thus apply what we have learned along the way to our athletes. At #MillerElite we are constantly doing research on free time, investing in courses and working with other industry leaders to expand our knowledge base for you. This will never change! We are building the best version of YOU while building better versions of US.

It is not our job as coaches to pat you on the back and say “it’ s ok” when you have not executed or applied the effort necessary to achieve your goals. We will NEVER talk down to you, as if you are a #MillerElite athlete you ’ ve already earned our respect. With this being said we will push you and tell you when you need to do better, we will push you to get back on track. We will hold you to the standard that will have you achieve your goals. On the flip side we will ALWAYS celebrate your wins with you, we will give praise when praise is deserved.


Full coaching is on a recurring subscription to remove the administrative work from both parties. 

It is the athlete’s responsibility to update their payment terms and cancelations appropriate and communicate with their coach.

Reach out for more questions!