Tyler Toth was born in Lethbridge, Alberta. Growing up Tyler played competitively in many sports (football, basketball, cross country, track and field, and rugby). Tyler began getting into the weight room around the age of 15 to train for sports and immediately fell in love. Trying all sorts of training methods and crash diets to put on muscle and get stronger as fast as possible Tyler gained a passion for fitness. After high school sports came to an end, Tyler found himself spending many hours in the gym over the course of his 4-year university degree, bulking up fast from 165lbs in his senior year of high school to over 250lbs in under 4 years. Bodybuilding was a natural flow to feed that competitive side that Tyler loved through high school sports. Tyler has completed 2 bodybuilding shows and has won the Junior category in Men’s bodybuilding at his first show in 2018 at the age of 20. Now in a long 3 year season, Tyler currently plans to pursue his dream of becoming an IFBB pro bodybuilder under the guidance and mentorship of his coach Braeden Miller. 

Expectations of the Athlete

Transparency and Honesty: Tyler expects you to keep an open and honest line of communication disclosing all details in your check-ins. Doing so will provide Tyler with essential information to help you achieve your goals. If something is too difficult for you, voicing it will be able to allow Tyler to make adjustments where he sees fit. 

Effort and Dedication: Fitness goals are often not easy and will take 110% effort from you as a client. If you give that effort to Tyler he will give you that effort back. Motivation comes and goes but dedication, when things get tough, is what sets apart the elite. 

Consistency and Patience: Understanding that physique changes take time. If you are willing to be consistent and make your goals a priority for the long haul Tyler will work hard to help you achieve those goals.  

Expectations of Tyler 

Education: Tyler wants you to be able to learn your body and why he programs what he does for you whether that be nutrition, training, or supplementation. Tyler will walk you through his thought process and help you understand the decisions he is making.

Effort: Tyler cares about you and wants to see you succeed and achieve your goals. Tyler will spend the time it takes to analyze your check-ins weekly to make the most educated decision he can regarding your goals whether that is your first check-in or a check-in 3 years down the road. 

Individualization: Tyler will work with you to create a plan that is tailored towards your schedule and needs. As you progress with Tyler he will make changes that fit with your specific body and goals where he sees fit. 

Accountability: At MillerElite health is #1, Tyler will always prioritize health and ensure that every decision he makes health is at the forefront of his decisions whether you are a competitive bodybuilder or a lifestyle athlete. 

Responsiveness: Tyler will respond to check-ins sent before 11 am within 12 hours of the same day. If check-ins are sent later than 11 am a response will be returned within 24 hours. Tyler will also be available via WhatsApp and will respond to WhatsApp messages within 12 hours. 

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