On top of building muscle and improving performance or burning bodyfat one of our priorities with every single one of our athletes is getting you healthy from top to bottom first and foremost. We believe that if you prioritize internal health first, the outsides will follow. This becomes even more prevalent when using PED’s. A toxic body does not elicit the proper changes that we want to see.

Within a #MillerElite Plan you will find the following: 

  1. Customized Training Program
  2. Customized Nutrition Plans 
  3. Customized Vitamin & Supplement plan 
  4. Hormone protocol (if applicable)
  5. Personalized Cardio prescription
  6. Discount Codes
  7. Weekly Biofeedback Questionnaire 

Training Program

You will find a full training plan alongside your own specific training split structured to work on areas we need to improve. For example, it may be a Push, Pull Legs (PPL) split with 2 different rotations for each. 

If you struggle or are not sure what any exercises are, please let me know and I can absolutely send you videos, or you can refer yourself to my YouTube channel where I have many of the exercises, etc. – another thing I want you doing that I have my clients do is taking videos of yourself training and sending them my way. A couple of videos a week via WhatsApp, so I can critique and make sure we are moving in the right direction. Going back to our point on execution and its importance. If you are failing to properly execute prescribed movements, you will be failing to progress optimally. Videos are not optional and “forgetting” is not an option.

Nutrition Plans

There will be a different nutrition plan for both days which you are training and days you are resting. Of course, our expenditure on training days will be higher than the rest so adjustments are made accordingly. With this in mind, we also need to remember that rest day nutrition is just as important as this is when we are recovering and growing therefore calories will be adjusted to an optimal balance between decreased expenditure but maximal recovery. There may be a time when an athlete is given the third diet for a refeed, or what we call “diet break”. These are on a case by case basis and will further be discussed with the athlete.

Vitamin Protocol

At #MillerElite your health is always at the forefront. We have partnered with an #Elite vitamin manufacturer in the industry in order to bring you the highest quality of vitamins to prioritize your internals along this journey. I fully support and use Revive for all of my own vitamin needs and have seen the wonders they can work on an athlete’s body. You are not obligated to use this brand and if you opt for other brands due to cost, accessibility, etc. just communicate that and we will build you a plan that suits your needs. #MillerElite is also partnered with a Canadian Supplement store (see discount codes) that has a 15% discount setup for clients. Vitamins can also be sourced through Iherb Or Amazon. The care is more about what you are taking rather than where you are getting it from if budget restraints are a concern. 

Cardio Prescription

Pending on where you are at in your journey be it a contest prep, or general fat loss – you will have some cardio on your plan. Cardio is also known as “aerobic” exercise is extremely important for a few reasons. It helps us increase our caloric expenditure while in a deficit leading to greater fat loss of course, but it also has tremendous effects in other areas such as:

  • Strengthening the heart
  • Improve circulation (improved nutrient delivery including oxygen as well as muscle-building nutrients from food)
  • Improved Lung function (able to get more out of anaerobic exercise)
  • Boosting our mood (endorphin release)
  • Improve blood pressure

Each athletes prescription will differ based on the goal and will have a specified intensity, duration, and type (i.e. spin bike, Stairmaster, etc)

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