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Meggy is a coach with a passion for helping individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their fitness goals. 

Meggy’s journey into the world of fitness began on the soccer field where she moved from house league to rep to premier level soccer, and on the track where sprinting took up hours every week. The sports-specific workouts sparked an interest in the performance side of the sport, and little did she know, this initial chapter would set the stage for a transformative adventure into the realms of bodybuilding and fitness coaching. 

Having navigated the intricacies of competitive soccer and aged out of varsity sports, she transitioned into a more generalized fitness approach, exploring the profound impact of resistance training on body composition. This shift ignited a fascination with the science behind weight training, nutrition, supplementation, and the ability to fuel the body for optimal performance and aesthetics. Driven by this love for science and desire for personal transformation, she immersed herself in the scientific intricacies and holistic principles that underpin a healthy lifestyle. This knowledge became the cornerstone of her own fitness journey, which, years down the line, would evolve into much more than she could’ve imagined. 

In 2019, she leaped into competitive bodybuilding, discovering not only the physical demands of the sport but also the mental and emotional growth it catalyzed. This experience and the appreciation for the ins and outs of the human body learned through every competition season and offseason laid the foundation for her evolution into a fitness coach. 

In 2021, she began working with clients, translating that knowledge into personalized programs that go beyond physical transformation, drawing on the mental and emotional aspects to build a lifestyle that would allow sustainable progress. 

In 2023, she achieved a personal milestone by coaching herself and achieving a professional status in bodybuilding. This accomplishment deepened her appreciation for the unique journey each individual undertakes. 

Recognizing that everyone responds differently to various stimuli, she tailored her coaching approach to embrace this diversity, ensuring that each client receives a program uniquely crafted to suit their goals, preferences, and physiology. 

In-Person Sessions: Bikini, Wellness, Figure

  • Price: $50

  • Number of sessions: 1

In-Person Sessions: Bikini, Wellness, Figure – Package

  • Price: $225

  • Number of sessions: 5

  • Across how long: within a year

Videocall Sessions: Bikini, Wellness, Figure

  • Price: $40

  • Number of sessions: 1

Videocall Sessions: Bikini, Wellness, Figure

  • Price: $120

  • Number of sessions: 5


  • Please ensure you wear your practice suit, or shorts and a sports bra if you prefer

  • If you have heels, please wear them unless it’s your very first time learning to pose

  • Feel free to record our sessions to refer back to later

  • Videocall sessions – please ensure you have good enough lighting where your body is easily visible

  • Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment, and your payment can be kept on your account for a future posing session

  • Refunds can not be provided


Additional information

Posing Sessions

In Person Sesson/s, Online Sesson/s

Program Time

1 Session, 5 Sessions


Novice (never competed) athlete

What you’ll expect: 

  • 12 sessions weekly for a total of 3 months


Intermediate (competed 1-2 times)

What you’ll expect: 

  • 8 sessions for a total of 2 months


Pro (competed 3+ times) 

What you’ll expect: 

  • 4 sessions for a total of 1 month


As necessary

What you’ll expect: 

  • Single Sessions