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Posing Coaching Overview: 

Listing the items, hyperlinked with any items the athlete needs 

Expectations of the athlete 

  •  Practice daily between sessions
  •  Have appropriate footwear (approved posing heels)
  •  Send videos of posing practice between sessions for feedback
  •  If online, have a space that is available that you can move around in (walk 5 steps forward and 5 steps back)
    • Punctuality is appreciated, and cancellations are requested to be made before 24 hours of our scheduled session

Expectations of the coach

  • Video feedback on your posing practice
  • Breakdown of every pose in your mandatories, transitions, and quarter turns.
  • Consistently assessing strengths and weaknesses as you get closer to show
  • Providing homework for what to remember when posing on your own
  • Check-ins before show
  • Routine creation for all solo presentations barring how close you are to the show. (subject to show date)

Program Name One: Single Sessions

  • Program best for trialing the coach, last-minute adjustments from an experienced athlete, additional posing after the package is finished, etc.
  • Price: $90/$120 (online/in person)
  • Number of sessions: 1
  • Across how long: single session

Program Name Two: 8-session package

  • Program best for novice-pro
  • Price: $85/$110 per session (online/in person)
  • Number of sessions: 8
  • Across how long: up to the client, but normally they are weekly

Program Name Three: 12 Package (online offering only)

  • Program best for novice-pros that know they need more than 8 sessions and want to save a bit extra. 
  • Price: $80 per session
  • Number of sessions: 12
  • Across how long: up to the client, but normally biweekly.

Program Overview

All sessions regardless of package type are 1hr in length.

  • Program best for our program, whether single, 8, or 12(online only) sessions of posing are perfect for every client as we meet them as they are, and build upon the skills they already have. A pro competitor doesn’t necessarily need LESS posing time, they will likely need different or more tailored posing time, but the results will be different when seeing a novice who has never posed after 1/8/12/16, etc sessions versus a more seasoned athlete who has spent the same number of classes with the coach, as the experience (what is learned) between them will be different but allotted time will be the same. 
  • Our packages aren’t based on skill level, and our in-person posing stops at 8 session packages, as that is the lower level discount we can offer as traveling posing coaches. Most clients do wind up taking more than 8 sessions (they either buy multiple 8 packages at once, or they purchase the next 8 at when they are nearing their last session of the previous package)


Additional information

Posing Sessions

In Person Sesson/s, Online Sesson/s

Program Time

1 Session, 12 Sessions, 8 Sessions


Novice (never competed) athlete

What you’ll expect: 

  • 12 sessions weekly for a total of 3 months


Intermediate (competed 1-2 times)

What you’ll expect: 

  • 8 sessions for a total of 2 months


Pro (competed 3+ times) 

What you’ll expect: 

  • 4 sessions for a total of 1 month


As necessary

What you’ll expect: 

  • Single Sessions