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Learn about Coach Cole and the expectations of the coach and athlete below!

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Since Cole was young he always had a passion for helping people. He always had extreme empathy and care towards his friends and loved ones. As a young man, he always struggled in different friend groups and the classroom. It was hard for him to identify with certain groups in these environments. This made it hard to express himself and to find identity. He avoided sports teams, and team events and spent most of his time skateboarding with the other “outsiders”. 

Thankfully, in the later years of high school, he discovered a gym nearby. He began spending all of his time here and could use his eager work ethic to start pushing weights. This is where Cole could take all of his creativity, and passion and find his sense of purpose.

Over time he began researching training methods, diet and nutrition methods, and human psychology. Having always struggled with depression, anxiety, and methods of coping. 

Finally, this led him to realize that the power to make changes in his life was within him. He stopped all forms of drinking and drug abuse. He found himself a training and nutrition coach. It was time to make a serious change and he knew proper guidance was needed. During this process, he found himself feeling full of passion and energy once again. 

He began to help friends, co-workers, and family with losing weight, getting into the gym for the first time, or just developing better habits. He was able to use his years of trials to develop proper plans to help simplify people’s goals. During this time, he was creating lasting relationships with some of the best coaches on the continent – and was able to learn even more. Cole always wanted to bring the best possible value to any of his volunteers or now long-time clients, so he is continually learning and practicing. 

Having a long background experimenting with diet models like intermittent fasting, vegetarian diets, vegan diets, carnivore, paleo, macro planning, fixed nutritional planning, and much more – Cole has developed an expanse of knowledge that can be applied to any client. Not only this, but he has also practiced a large variety of training techniques and acknowledges the value of using these techniques with the appropriate client. Just as he grew up feeling different – he realizes that no one person requires the same program, and enjoys being able to work with people to find what will optimize their lives best. 

Expectations of the Coach

  1. Same-day check-in responses 
  2. Weekly feedback in regards to training videos and techniques 
  3. Weekly check-in feedback and necessary adjustments 
  4. Access to me for questions and concerns
  5. Travel, food swaps, and other unforeseen obstacles support

Expectations of the Athlete

  1. I expect every athlete to come with an open mind and willingness to follow my direction
  2. I expect every athlete to try their best – for me and themselves
  3. I expect every athlete to communicate with me fully 
  4. I expect every athlete to push themselves through the uncomfortable
  5. I expect every athlete to check-in on time and thoroughly 

What to expect from working together

  1. Lifestyle nutrition – understanding that no one person is the same, daily and weekly obstacles that may affect abilities to stay on plan, finding proper nutritional guidelines that suit the client, and supplementation support. 
  2. Lifestyle training – the only coach that will offer you continuous support through the use of training videos, providing training techniques and tips, and developing plans regardless of access to gym equipment.
  3. Lifestyle Check-ins – weekly client check-ins always providing feedback, support, and adjustments as needed. 
  4. Lifestyle communication – understanding that life happens and there will be obstacles, providing a line of communication to always work through challenges and set clients up for success. 
  5. Access to knowledge – Coach Cole will always provide the most in his abilities, is continually learning and growing, but also has a unique position to access other coaching knowledge

Additional information

Program Time

Weekly, 2 Weeks, 4 Weeks, Monthly, 3 Months, 4 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months