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After deciding to fully focus on coaching, Jai Lino decided to take competitive prep coaching and posing to a whole new level. He first gained his interest in fitness at the age of 8. The interest quickly developed into a passion. Since then, he has solely committed to learning the most effective and efficient ways of weight management, weight loss and gaining muscle mass through training and nutrition. His motivation for becoming a coach was solidified when he realized he could motivate and teach people ideal methodologies with client-specific goals in nutrition and training effectively and appropriately. Over the years, he has competed multiple times, winning in both men’s classic physique and bodybuilding, as well as achieving the best poser award in each show he has competed in. With his dance background, it was obvious that coaching posing was included in his bag of skills. During his personal competition journey, he has guided athletes to multiple wins and top-five placements in competitive shows, as well as multiple best poser awards. 

Expectations of the Coach

  1.   As your coach, expect accountability. With the information you have given me in your logbook and feedback, I will be keeping you accountable for your training and diet, making sure that you are adhering to the program. 
  2. Unlimited texting through WhatsApp or text. Communication is key, and it is not limited to our weekly check-ins.
  3. 24-hour response time to texts and WhatsApp.  While I strive for instantaneous responses to everyone, and you will likely see responses before that time frame, show days and volume can occasionally slow the response, but all clients can expect a response within 24 hours.
  4.  Timely changes to the nutrition or training program to reflect any discussions throughout the week, or in reflection to check-ins.

Expectations of the Coach

  1.  I expect you to understand that bodybuilding is not a short-term goal.  The development of a physique takes time, and dedication, it is not achieved over a short period.
  2. I expect clients to adhere to their nutrition and training programs. While perfection isn’t expected, results are the goal. Adhering to your program is an important tool that helps coaches identify stagnation, success, and changes that need to be made to achieve the results you’re looking for.
  3. I expect you to communicate with your coach. Difficulty adhering to a program, as an example, can only be known AND addressed if the client is communicating with their coach. 
  4. I expect you to log your feedback and check in consistently. Consistency breeds success, and for your coach to consistently be sure everything is going according to plan, your feedback and check-ins need to be timely and consistent. 
  5. I expect you to be dedicated to your goal. A program will only be successful if you are dedicated to executing it. No one but you can lift the weights, so you must be dedicated to achieving success. 

What to expect from working together

  1. Nutrition – Detailed or macro-based, each person is an individual offering both nutrition styles allows me to work with clients more effectively and let them thrive on a nutrition plan that they can stay consistent with
  2. Weekly check-ins – Important for both keeping the athlete accountable and the coach updated on how the client is doing to effectively implement changes should they be needed
  3. Detailed training program with rep range, tempo, etc – Training is more than just an exercise. The focus of these training programs is how to execute them. 
  4. Unlimited texting communication and weekly video exercise feedback (8-10 per week) 
  5. Peak week protocol – During peak weak, things needs to be more communication through peak weak because things such as carbups take time, and altering plans based on check-ins may need to be done.
  6. Supplement Recommendations – supplements expand beyond protein and based on your lifestyle intolerances and deficiencies, I will make recommendations to help stay as healthy as possible within the process.
  7. Feedback logs – Fantastic way for you to stay accountable, and see your progress but also allows for your coach to identify issues before they become an issue. As well as assuring that everything is according to plan

Additional information

Program Time

Weekly, 2 Weeks, 4 Weeks, Monthly, 3 Months, 4 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months