Meggy is a coach with a passion for helping individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their fitness goals. 

Meggy’s journey into the world of fitness began on the soccer field where she moved from house-league to rep to premier level soccer, and on the track where sprinting took up hours of every week. The sports-specific workouts sparked an interest in the performance side of the sport, and little did she know, this initial chapter would set the stage for a transformative adventure into the realms of bodybuilding and fitness coaching. 

Having navigated the intricacies of competitive soccer and aged out of varsity sports, she transitioned into a more generalized fitness approach, exploring the profound impact of resistance training on body composition. This shift ignited a fascination with the science behind weight training, nutrition, supplementation, and the ability to fuel the body for optimal performance and aesthetics. Driven by this love for science and desire for personal transformation, she immersed herself in the scientific intricacies and holistic principles that underpin a healthy lifestyle. This knowledge became the cornerstone of her own fitness journey, which, years down the line, would evolve into much more than she could’ve imagined. 

In 2019, she took the leap into competitive bodybuilding, discovering not only the physical demands of the sport but also the mental and emotional growth it catalyzed. This experience and the appreciation for the ins and outs of the human body learned through every competition season and offseason, laid the foundation for her evolution into a fitness coach. 

In 2021, she began working with clients, translating that knowledge into personalized programs that go beyond physical transformation, drawing on the mental and emotional aspect to build a lifestyle that would allow sustainable progress. 

In 2023, she achieved a personal milestone by coaching herself and achieving a professional status in bodybuilding. This accomplishment deepened her appreciation for the unique journey each individual undertakes. 

Recognizing that everyone responds differently to various stimuli, she tailored her coaching approach to embrace this diversity, ensuring that each client receives a program uniquely crafted to suit their goals, preferences, and physiology. 

  1. Consistency is Key

Sticking to the plan consistently will produce the most accurate data in regards to tracking biofeedback, and will make it much easier to make adjustments and speed up results. athletes should commit to following the prescribed meal plans and workout programs consistently. Results are often a product of long-term adherence, and sporadic efforts won’t yield the desired outcomes. The athlete’s progress and outcomes are a direct reflection of the work they put in, so the closer they stick to their plan, the better service I can provide to help them continue to excel. 

2. Honesty

A coach is not here to judge someone for their mistakes, but to help them find the best plan that works for their lifestyle. athletes must be honest during check-ins about their adherence to the program, any deviations, and how they are feeling physically and emotionally. This transparency ensures accurate feedback and adjustments.If a athlete cheats on their diet or can’t stick to a plan, being upfront with me will allow me to adjust their program to suit them better, address any issues they’ve run into, and find the best ways to hold them accountable as we go forward. 

3. Open Communication

Along the same line as honesty, the more information an athlete can provide to me, the more specific the plan can be and the more I can customize it to their specific needs. Athletes should feel comfortable discussing any challenges or concerns they encounter during their fitness journey. This open communication helps in addressing issues promptly and finding effective solutions.

4. Patience, Realistic Expectations, & Trust in the Process

Building a healthy lifestyle and achieving fitness goals takes time. athletes need to understand that progress may vary, and it’s essential to set realistic expectations to avoid frustration. athletes should trust the expertise of the coach and the designed program. Understand that the minor changes we see week-to-week are part of a larger plan. Trust in the plan will help keep athletes motivated, even during plateaus or challenging phases. 

5. Respect

The coaching relationship is a partnership, and mutual respect and timeliness maximize its impact. We are both working toward a common goal, and we will be most productive when this relationship is built on a foundation of respect and punctuality. This includes fostering a positive coaching atmosphere, smooth implementation of any plan adjustments, and demonstrating timeliness by submitting check-ins within the specified timeframe so that as a coach, I can in turn provide feedback and updates promptly. 

  1. Setting a Positive Example

I will do my best to exemplify the healthy lifestyle I’d like all my athletes to lead. This includes providing motivation and positive reinforcement to keep athletes focused on the goal, improve morale, and help athletes better understand the purpose behind each aspect of their plan.

2. Communication

I will get back to all on-time athlete check-ins the same day they are submitted, and will be available for communication throughout the week if any questions arise. Maintaining a transparent two-way communication will build trust and a deeper understanding of the ways their lifestyle may impact their progress and goals. 

3. Health Comes First

No matter what our end goal, if the athlete’s health is suffering or is at risk at any point, managing that will be our first priority. Prioritizing health ensures that the fitness journey is sustainable in the long term. Although sometimes it may be tempting to set an extreme goal within a short time period, this can lead to burnout, injuries, and other health issues, jeopardizing the athlete’s ability to maintain their results or even reach their desired outcome. By ensuring health from the inside out, we’ll be able to reach and even exceed our goals in the safest manner.

4. Adaptability

Each athlete is unique, and different bodies, needs, histories, experience, and lifestyles can impact what is required to reach their goals, so what works for one person may not work for another. As a coach, it’s my job to be able to modify our approach based on the individual’s responses and feedback, and tailoring the athlete’s program to ensure they’re reaching their goals while minimizing any risks. 

5. Continued Education

I will continue to hone my skills and gather more knowledge to better serve my athletes. Staying up to date on the science behind fitness and nutrition research will allow me to provide evidence-based practices and evolve to industry standards.

  1. Comprehensive Initial Assessment

Before we begin, there will be a thorough assessment to gather information about the athlete’s current fitness status, relationship with fitness and food, medical history, dietary needs and preferences, and lifestyle. This information is crucial in creating a program that is effective and sustainable. Beyond the initial assessment, adjustments and adaptations can be made consistently as we learn more about the body’s responsiveness and needs. 

2. Personalized Program Design

Athletes can expect a tailored program that aligns with their individual goals, fitness level, and preferences. The workout and nutrition plans will be customized to address their specific needs and lifestyle. This program includes:

  • A nutrition plan based around your preferred way of tracking your diet, whether that be a macro plan, a specific meal plan, or a flexible meal plan with multiple options or alternatives. 
  • Nutrition guidance, including aspects such as meal timing, portion control, macronutrient distribution, and food choices, while also promoting a healthy relationship with food that ADDS to the athlete’s life rather than limiting their enjoyment. 
  • A workout program structured to target various aspects of fitness, such as strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. Exercise selection, volume, and intensity will be selected based on the individual’s goals, and adapted based on their progress. 
  • Daily activity/habit guidance to ensure the athlete is getting the most out of their day even when not in the gym.
  • Supplement guidance to ensure we’re maximizing internal health and fueling your body’s requirements. 

3. Regular Check-Ins, Communication, and Accountability

Athletes can expect a weekly check-in routine where they provide updates on their progress, including important biofeedback, adherence to the program, and any challenges they may be facing, along with photos to provide visual data, and videos from workout sessions to ensure proper technique. These check-ins also serve as an opportunity for open communication and feedback if the athlete has anything else they’d like to address!

4. Education on Fitness Principles

The goal of our relationship is to create a sustainable lifestyle, not just a short-term accomplishment. Therefore, athletes can expect to learn the “why” behind the adjustments in their program and the results they’re experiencing. I’ll also ensure all exercises are executed with correct form, by assessing training videos and providing proper techniques and cues to help improve connection to the movements and optimizing muscle growth/development. We’ll discuss the science behind your workouts, nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle choices, ensuring the athlete will be empowered to make informed decisions, even beyond the duration of the coaching relationship.

5. Continuous Motivational Support

Athletes can expect encouragement, positive reinforcement, and assistance in overcoming challenges, whether it be in their training-related, food-related, or even finding strategies to conquer mental barriers or self-limiting factors within their lifestyle. Achievements, no matter how small, will be celebrated. Many small wins add up to major accomplishments, and empowering the athlete to continue their fitness journey with confidence will help pave their road to success.