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Learn about Coach Lexa and the expectations of the coach and athlete below!

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About Lexa:

Lexa started her fitness journey in 2016 with the goal of competing in bikini. In 2018, she won her first show and has been hooked ever since. She has dedicated years of her life to learning about the human body and mind. She earned her Associate’s in Exercise Science, and her Bachelor’s in Human Biology and is currently working on her Master’s in Exercise Science. She also conducts research on bodybuilders, muscle building, and fat loss in her Master’s program. In her spare time, she also goes through courses and mentorships aimed at becoming a better coach for her athletes. She has since been working to develop her own ideas around coaching; pulling from history, psychology, philosophy, and economics to guide her decisions.

Lexa believes coaching is about more than just throwing protocols at someone. She believes the physical transformations come from a deep understanding of the human she is working with and places a large emphasis on the coach-athlete relationship. She heavily considers the mental wellness and internal health of her athletes, as these two pieces are crucial to both short and long-term transformations. This doesn’t mean you can expect “soft” coaching, but rather that you can expect to be treated like you are more than just a physique composed of fat and muscle. She takes the whole human into account to ensure you get the best results while providing a truly custom coaching experience. 

Lexa works best with first-time or seasoned bikini athletes, as well as those who want to build or recreate their shape. 

Coaching Expectations: 

Expectations of me as your coach:

  • An authentic commitment to helping you get where you want to go. I will be by your side through whatever comes up and I will fight for your goals as hard as you do. 
  • Providing what you need, when you need it. There will not be any fluff, any protocol changes “just because,” or giving you anything other than is necessary to get you the results you came to me for. 
  • Taking your needs into consideration. I understand that having a high quality of life will lead to better mental and physical health long term. Whatever you need, we will work it into the plan. Whether that is a hectic work schedule, training limitations, or just simple food preferences–we will build the best plan for YOU, together. 
  • Honest, kind communication. I will tell you what you need to hear, but in a kind, human manner. You will be treated with the utmost respect and will never experience me talking down to you. I will also clearly communicate to you my needs, expectations, and boundaries as a coach so we can have the best working relationship possible. 
  • The nonnegotiables from a coach: individualized training, nutrition, cardio, stress management, and supplementation protocols. Weekly check-ins assess progress through your physique, training, mentality, and biofeedback to set up the game plan for the week ahead. Training video evaluations and additional questions or concerns that pop up throughout the week will also be answered on a rolling basis. All messages and check-ins will be answered within 24 hours.

What I expect from my athlete:

  • Vulnerability: this is an intimate relationship. We will share secrets, overcome mental barriers, share wins/losses, problem-solve potentially embarrassing issues, and grow through education. I need you to be vulnerable and honest with me so I can better serve you in every area of your life– and I can’t do that if you have giant walls built up.
  • Open-mindedness: I will likely ask you to do things you have never done before. I need you to approach your program with an open mind. Everything will be laid out on a silver platter for you, so all you need to do is execute. 
  • Integrity: You will need to operate with integrity. If you fall off for a day/week, if you are struggling, if something is not working–I need you to communicate those things with me. Checking in every week and on time is essential, as there will never be judgment or anger from my side. I am on your side and I want what is best for you, so please stay in communication no matter what. There is no need to hide anything that could hinder our progress.
  • Curiosity: If you have questions or doubts about the program, get curious. This is your body and your journey, so I encourage you to advocate for yourself. Ask questions, as I always have a reason/explanation for the protocol changes/programming. If I don’t have the answer to your questions, I will absolutely outsource and find out! If I don’t know you are lost or confused, I lose out on a teaching moment as well as your trust. There are NO silly questions! 
  • Elite mentality: This is the difference between those who have success in the program and those who don’t. An Elite Mentality is one that is always doing their best and follows the expectations above. The elite mentality is going all in and choosing to put themselves first day in and day out. It is about keeping the promises you make to yourself. These are the clients who not only change their body–but their life. 

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