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When investing in Coaching with me there are 5 non-negotiables:

Commitment, Consistency, Communication, Transparency, and a Growth Mindset

I am committed to helping you reach your fitness goals while prioritizing your health, and I expect you to be 100% committed to doing the same. We are a Team and one of us cannot be more invested than the other.

There needs to be consistency in not only following all protocols provided but also in checking in with me on a weekly basis, and providing training videos for review. The way we achieve greatness is by fully committing and staying consistent with the plan.

Communication is always available, and encouraged! I’m always here to answer questions, concerns, and to educate. Please use me to your advantage, there is never a stupid question, and there will always be a reason for every protocol assigned. I expect check-ins to be submitted timely week after week, with detailed biofeedback so I can properly assess and make the necessary adjustments for us to continue improving.

Transparency goes hand in hand with communication. I cannot help you improve or reach your goals if there isn’t transparency. While I expect you to be committed and consistent with protocols, I also understand that life happens and it’s vital to communicate and be transparent about what’s going on so we can adjust, adapt, and move forward.

Keeping a growth mindset is simply the belief that we can continuously improve our abilities. Every day we are aiming to get at least 1% better than the day before. We should be aiming to learn, improve, and grow inside and outside of the gym every single day.

Prompt Communication – Kirsten will provide timely feedback on all weekly check-ins, training video submissions, and any questions or concerns you may have in between. Response time will always be the same day.

Individualized Programming – Kirsten creates all plans for the individual according to current physique, goals, injuries, current/previous training plans, nutritional needs, and biofeedback. Your health and overall wellness will always be prioritized.

Passion – Kirsten has spent years investing in her own education in the health and fitness industry because of her passion to help others heal, transform, and become the best version of themselves. She will continue to invest in herself, and you, to help you reach all of your goals.

Honesty and Transparency – Kirsten is here to offer coaching support and constructive criticism.

Nutrition – You will be provided a set of daily nutrition protocols in the form of macro sets or meal plans dependent on individuals goals and/or preference. All nutrition is specific to the athlete.

Cardio – Cardio recommendations will be based on individual needs and goals.

Supplements – Supplement recommendations will be based on individual needs and goals. Supplement recommendations can help aid in improving overall health, specific to dietary needs, improve digestion, reduce stress, etc.

Stress Management – Stress management protocols are dependent on individual needs. Stress management is a vital component to aiding in muscular recovery and increasing our overall health. Specific benefits to managing stress can be improving overall mindfulness, our mood, relationships, and overall life satisfaction.

Training – Customized Training Plans will be included in the full coaching package or purchased as a one-time customized training plan. Both will be customized to the individual’s needs, goals, biomechanics, and availability of equipment.

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