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Learn about Coach Jordan and the expectations of the coach and athlete below!

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What to expect when working with Elite Coach Jordan:

Honesty and transparency- both are key to success as one of her athletes. Jordan expects you to play as a team member, she will put the effort in, and will expect the same from you. Weekly check ins are a MUST and are to be given with complete transparency. There will never be judgment, only support and guidance. Weekly progress is dictated by check-ins and your honesty on the info provided. Jordan will not only help you with your goals but all that comes along with the journey to a balanced lifestyle with sustainable results.

Communication- This is everything, Jordan will always be there to answer any of your questions, but she can’t answer questions she doesn’t get asked. Jordan will always be right by your side to support, encourage, chat, whatever you may need to ensure your success. She wants you to use her knowledge and experience to your advantage. There is never a stupid question, only more knowledge to learn, grow and flourish from. Let her help you achieve greatness.

As a part of the Elite team, she will expect elite effort! This means sending in your check-ins in a timely manner, if she doesn’t get your check-ins how will you achieve greatness? Give yourself the opportunity to succeed, consistency equals results.

Mindset and perspective – mindset dictates your outcome greatly. Working with Jordan, you will hear these words over and over again. Positive mindset, change your perspective. With every goal, there are many outcomes based on effort, tools, guidelines, and most of all mindset. Jordan goes the extra mile to ensure your mental health is always in check with weekly mental check-ins. It’s simple really if you have the vision, if you have the mindset you will be the absolute best version of yourself, every day, every meal, every hour spent preparing or in the gym you have a choice…. a choice to give yourself the ability for greatness.

Nutritional programming – Each program will be individualized to benefit and guide Jordan’s athletes to success whether it’s hitting the stage or learning to have a healthy relationship with food. Food is medicine, heal your body with the nourishment it needs to achieve your personalized goals.

Training Programming – Customized Training Plans will be included in the full coaching package or purchased as a one-time customized training plan. Both will be customized to the individual’s needs, goals, biomechanics, and availability of equipment.

Mental Health – Stress, depression, anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, binging… It is Jordan’s mission to help those that suffer from mental health. Giving the much-needed support, education, and insight into recovery. If mental health is lacking everything else will begin to fall apart. Jordan will be there to ensure you have the support and tools to overcome and conquer your mind.

Cardio – Cardio recommendations will be based on individual needs and goals.

Supplements – Holistic supplementation is one of Jordan’s passions, healing/supporting the body internally. Food and nutrition are #1 but unfortunately, food isn’t always enough. That’s where your individual supplement program will ensure every crack is filled. Whether it be hormonal balancing, stress management, or getting ready for your first competition, Jordan will have you covered.

What sets Jordan apart from the other health and fitness professionals, is her passion and commitment to her clients. Being a helping hand, a guide, and a mentor to those who are willing and ready to pursue their goals is the reason where she is today. She is driven and committed to you. Now the question is, are you?

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