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Learn about Coach Anthony and the expectations of the coach and athlete below!


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About Anthony:

Anthony was born in Havertown, Pennsylvania. He was immersed in an athletic childhood that involved playing 8 years of baseball and 6 years of lacrosse.

Anthony was not an athletic all-star though very much an outsider looking in.

He was not into the fitness scene until he said enough was enough of being the small guy. At 17 years old and 120 lbs soaking wet, Anthony got his first gym membership. This helped Anthony get through the rock bottom in his life and allowed him to progress in ways he never thought he would.

Anthony lost touch with fitness until he became a bouncer at a bar in college and that began his journey down the bodybuilding route.

He began learning through having guests on his podcast, The Ace of Spada Podcast, and then began learning more through the muscle and strength pyramid books.

This led him to learn more about his own hormonal health and found out he was dealing with low testosterone. He began taking courses on hormonal health and has been learning under his mentor, Austin Stout for just under 2 years now.

He has spent the last 2 years studying and taking courses by top coaches like Jeffrey Su, Mark Tomanek (who is also his coach), and Jason Theobald. He has been learning about the physiological and the pharmacology side of health.

Anthony has also spent the last 2.5 years on his own bodybuilding journey going through a 19-month-long offseason and is currently in a fat loss phase under the guidance of his coach.

Anthony is passionate about looking at the long-term health and future of the client. He uses his education to take a holistic approach to his client’s health.

Even though Anthony is on the younger side of coaches, you get all the education that he invests in himself. Teaching people along the way through their transformation whether that be hormonal, muscle building, fat loss, and even bodybuilding prep.

He is very excited to learn more on the competition prep side of coaching and will dive more into it learning through Braeden Miller and the rest of the Miller Elite Coaches.

Coaching Expectations: 

Expectations of me as your coach:

  • Responses in a timely manner: same-day responses to all check-ins, messages, videos
  • Internal health will be prirotized: the outside follows the inside. Bloodwork will be asked for when needed
  • Education: I preach myself on being a forever learner. You invest in me so I invest in you. Making sure I am continuing learning and able to teach you and apply new ways of thinking to your plan
  • Plans will be based on the individual current spot and their bloodwork. Your plan will be completely different than anyone on the roster
  • I have your back 100%, but I will also push you to the max to create change

What I expect from my athlete:

  • Open and Honest communication: the more I know the better we become
  • EFFORT: Giving 100% to the plan at hand. Check ins on assigned day, giving it everything in the gym and adhering to the plan, send training videos, etc
  • Realistic Expectations: these things take TIME, your habits built over the long haul will get you results
  • Ask Questions if you have any: the more I educate on the “why” the better you will perform

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