Mavrick grew up in a very athletic family playing every sport he could until finding a love for soccer. At the age of 14 he began to excel and was offered a contract overseas. At such a young age moving away and leaving his family behind was too much to ask of him. Mavrick has always been extremely competitive and has a will to be the best, deciding to quit soccer left him with nothing to pursue or be competitive in. Like most kids he looked up to his big brother who at the time was heavily involved in weight training, and so started Mavrick’s journey to becoming an IFBB Pro. Quickly falling in love with bodybuilding and the lifestyle that came along with it, he attended NAITs 2 year Personal Training course and transitioned into online training with the goal of helping as many people as possible. 

As a competitor Mavrick has competed in 2 shows, and won the overalls at Canadian Nationals securing a pro card in the IFBB. He is dedicated and focused on winning the Men’s Physique Olympia one day.

Expectations of the Athlete

Communication. As a coach, I only know as much as you’re willing to share with me. Strong communication from both athlete and coach is needed to produce great results. This can be anything from an exercise you don’t connect well with, a food that’s causing bloat or stress in your life.

Honesty. As an athlete myself, I know every week won’t be perfect. Honesty within check-ins will make my job much easier. I’m not here to put you down if you miss a meal or cheat on the diet, but knowing this information will stop both of us from wasting our time trying to figure out what happened and allow us to get back on track.

Effort. An effort is the single most important attribute any athlete can have. We should always strive for perfection but more importantly strive for perfect effort. Whether it be an effort in the gym or with your diet or simply putting effort into your weekly check-ins. Athletes that give me 100% effort get 100% in return.

As an athlete I expect you to be open and willing to become elite. Being elite demands Execution, Consistency, and maximal effort. Tying all these things together is how you truly become part of Miller Elite!

And finally enjoyment! If you’re not enjoying the results or having fun with the process, then I’m not doing my job!

Expectations of the coach Mavrick

Accessibility. All athletes will have weekly check-ins and have the ability to reach me on whatsapp at any given time. 12 hour response time is guaranteed for check-ins unless further noted, and urgent/time-sensitive questions will be attended to as needed.

Honesty. I will be honest with check-ins as I believe this is the quickest way to see the progression. As your coach, I will be your biggest cheerleader in times of success but also your hardest critic when need be. Whether it be a response to a workout video you send me or a check-in, I will always give the response I feel is needed to move you in the right direction.

Enthusiasm towards the sport. I truly love bodybuilding, health, and fitness. As your coach, I will always push to continue learning and further my knowledge of the sport and coaching.

What to expect from coaching with Mavrick

Nutrition. Each athlete will be given a personalized meal plan or set of macros that suit their goals. Nutrition goes far beyond calories and getting big/lean. Nutrition plans will prioritize digestion and function for each athlete. Nutrition plays a huge role in sleep and energy levels as well as performance benefits. Hand designing a meal plan that allows you to digest nutrients better, increase energy levels and perform better in the gym will produce greater results.

Training and cardio plan. Each athlete will be given a personalized training plan designed towards his/her goals. Training plans can differ from wanting to jump higher, run faster, bring up lagging body parts for aesthetics or get ready to step on stage. Athletes will also be required to send workout videos weekly so I can assess form and tempo or tell you to add 10 more lbs! 

Weekly check-ins. All athletes will check-in via whats app. Progress pictures, check-in questionnaires, and a brief overview of the week will be required. I will reply back via text, voice notes, or a video to any questions or comments that need addressing and make the appropriate adjustments to keep you progressing. 

Vitamin protocols. Each athlete will be given a personalized vitamin protocol based on their blood work and specific needs.

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